Let's get physical in October!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Found via Pinterest - of course I had to make Let's get physical! pinboard. :)


I didn't achieve goals from September, but I had more or less good excuses. First, I didn't go to boot camp at all because I'm broke. So I'll be working out at home as long as I don't find a part-time job or some money falls down a tree. Otherwise I was physically active almost every day (I rested a few days when I was ill).
I only made green juice like every other day. Some days I was too lazy or I preferred to just eat those veggies and fruits (it depended on what I had on hand). I juiced every day in the first half of the month, but I only did it a few times in the second half. And guess what? I have a cold now. I almost never get a cold if I eat healthy every day and work out a lot. I clearly have to work on this goal more. :)
I also lost some weight unintentionally. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

Eat raw every day.

3x a week. I lately changed my sleeping pattern - I get up at 6am every week day, even if I don't have to go to the uni. I want to try working out in the morning again, since I'm getting up early anyway.

September wasn't too successful for me, but I had better diet than in the summer (more juicing and plant-based cooking). I really hope to improve my immune system until November. :)

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