Goodbye Summer Pt. 2: Fairs in Ljubljana

Friday, October 12, 2012

I already miss summer fairs! Slovenian cities are surprisingly deserted during the late summer, which I actually like since big crowds make me super anxious. Here are some photos I snapped at medieval themed and vintage fashion fairs.

I like to buy vintage and second-hand clothes. They are affordable, durable (made from better materials than nowadays) and there aren't many chances that your friend will own the same shirt. I made a little purchase at Vintage Vikend's booth. Look closely for the price - Can you see how frugal I am? ;)


Refreshing with Cockta, Slovenian famous soft drink.


Puppets! Do you recognize any of the characters? 


 I remember playing with those as a little kid. I had a lot of handmade toys.


My brother was even more fascinated by Starman's weapon replicas.


But he also liked the shine of glass jewelry by Moj dom (meaning My home).


 I love the natural look of this unique jewelry.


 Mmm, this booth by Moj dom smelled wonderfully of lavender.


Traditional lacemaking.

A lady from the Tourist Society Železniki. This town used to be known for iron smelting from middle ages to the beginning of 20th century. They say that at the end of the 19th century every woman from Železniki knew how to make lace. It was all the rage then. :)


Last but not least, the knitter's booth. Since knitting is my latest obsession, this one was my favorite.

I took business cards of these vendors, but I didn't hide them from my brother, so some of them got lost when he was playing. Let me know if you know their web pages so I can properly credit them.

Next and final post will be about summer music festivals. Do you visit fairs and festivals during the summer? I like them all year long, but I'm not so eager to live the house during colder months.
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