Natural Beauty or how I Went Bananas

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I think I fell in love with my own hair. <3

I believe many of you already know Sonya Kanelstrand's inspiring blog. It resonates well with my love for simple and natural lifestyle. Recently she published her first book and asked me for a review. Keep reading if you're a fan of natural cosmetic recipes or you're simply interested in my results. Sonya is also giving away a copy for two of my readers!

About the Book

Banana Beauty is a beautifully designed e-book with 7 tested beauty recipes to treat acne, dry hair and skin, to reduce wrinkles and to minimize hair loss. All recipes are based on - you guessed it - bananas!

The Banana Beauty ebook includes:
- Detailed descriptions of the causes for most common skin and hair conditions.
- Information on the health benefits of applying banana in skin and hair treatment.
- Step-by-step instructions on how to make and apply each banana mask.
- 7 easy to make recipes that will save you hundreds of dollars a year. 

The beauty recipes you will find in Banana Beauty will save you from the nasty chemicals found in commercial beauty products while rejuvenating and nourishing your skin and hair.

You can buy the book and find more detailed information here or on Etsy. I also created a page on Goodreads.

Acne Treatment With the Help of Banana Peels

I tried two recipes, one to treat acne with banana peels and one for a hair conditioner. You can find instructions for acne treatment on her blog too: How to Treat Acne. Let's see my results. No photoshop or make-up (except a light coat of mascara).

When I came back from my camping trip I got a major attack of acne. I always have a couple of pimples, but this time my face was in an awful state. I didn't do my usual cleaning routine when I was camping and I was dirty all the time. The climate was like in a desert (the wind was blowing and the sand got everywhere) so I couldn't do much about it. I was desperate - and I'm not even the type of woman to whine about her looks!
So I really needed powerful acne treatment and I faithfully massaged my face with banana peels - not to mention that I was always happy to have an excuse to eat a banana. :) Results depended on the seriousness of my acne - smaller pimples were cured in only a day (and disappeared in like two days), while the huge ones took me up to a week to recover. It is a bit time consuming if your case is more serious, but I found a way to multitask. :)

Verdict: No miracles (be patient, Maša!), but it is still the best home acne treatment I have tried. Ever. And I tried many 'clinically' proved products. I'm seriously not going to use store-bought products for acne treatment again.

BTW, if you have problems with blackheads, you have to try this simple soda scrub! Your skin will feel super clean afterwards. I've done several treatments so far and my skin looks so much cleaner. :happy:

Banana Hair Conditioner

I actually don't use a hair conditioner, only shampoo. I recently wanted to revive my hair color with henna. You're supposed to use hair conditioner after coloring hair, so this was a perfect opportunity to try Sonya's recipe. I was really impressed with the results.

First, I want to let you know that my hair was seriously damaged about a year and a half ago. I had a head injury and I lost a lot of blood. I had to cut my long hair, but I also got anemic. One of the consequences of iron deficiency is hair loss (more than it's normal). So it took me a long time to recover my hair beauty. After trying this natural recipe I was beyond happy to see my hair looking so shiny and healthy!

Verdict: Banana conditioner blew me away! It was nice to put it on my hair - it smelled wonderful and had such a pleasant cooling effect on my scalp. When my hair dried, it felt so light and soft, kinda fluffy but glossy at the same time. I wanted to touch it all the time. :D Not to mention all the compliments... ;) I can't wait to try it again! It's honestly amazing.


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Disclosure: I received a copy to review. I take pride in writing honest reviews, so this is my real opinion about the product. I included one affiliate link in this post.
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