Let's get Physical! (Plus Exclusive Photo of my abs :D)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today I'm linking with the first ever Let's get Physical link-up, hosted by my friend Evani. This blog party is for encouraging each other to get healthier, fitter and overcome obstacles that challenge us on the way.

I followed Evani's template but I'm going to add a bonus fitness tip that helped me to become prouder of my body. I'm more or less satisfied with my diet and physical condition (much better than it used to be!), but I also have several weaknesses, so there is always something to improve. ;) 

Bonus #1: Fitness tip of the month

I don't count calories or ignore cravings. This would just make me feel frustrated. Instead I try to choose healthier alternatives. Like eating banana ice cream instead of a regular one, munching nuts and dried fruit instead of chips and cookies, etc. Chocolate-Covered Katie has an awesome collection of recipes for healthy & delicious desserts. I also eat lots of fruit. Fitness enthusiasts limit daily intake of fruit, but I think it's ridiculous to limit something healthy because it contains sugar. Eating for a fit and healthy body doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy food. Right? :)

Bonus #2: Photo of my hidden abs

It took me a while to decide if I should post a photo of my body or not. Is it appropriate? Is it narcissistic? Will people judge me? Should I show my whole body or just one part? And so on. People often take photos of themselves in swim wear when they start a new challenge. So I thought it could be motivational to start this monthly check-up with a photo. I think I'll be more motivated to get in better shape this way. I actually look better today than I did in my teens and I don't obsess about having a perfect body. But then I thought... if I'm dreaming big about my business path, why don't I set higher goals elsewhere too?

I never even dared to dream about having a ripped body (and honestly I don't care about a little fat here and there). So my new ambitious goal is to define those abs. Of course its not all about the looks. I'll need a better physical condition and more balanced diet to survive all the hard work that awaits me in the next year. ;)

Last but not least, my role model Zuzana. I follow (=work out) her weekly videos and she motivates me to get a stronger body, even when I have a super busy day. She also has the nicest personality ever. But I decided to keep my A-cup. :blush:

Need more motivation? Visit other participants here!
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