August was... for Jane Austen!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I've been passively participating in Jane Austen reading event for the last two weeks. I'm not a huge fan of hers but I did enjoy reading two of her books and watching two movie adaptations. I love all the details of everyday life and how elegantly fluent conversations of the heroes and heroines are. I like that Austen shamelessly attacked society stereotypes of her time. However, her morals are still quite conservative and her romantic happy endings drive me nuts. Not because they would be ridiculously pathetic but because she is playing with female feelings so well. She makes me wanna forget my emancipation ambitions and search for a wealthy husband who will buy me a library. :D

Northanger Abbey is my favorite so far, maybe because it parodies gothic romances. An absolutely delightful read!

I'm just finishing Mansfield Park. It was interesting to read about the heroine because I'm close to a woman who is very similar to her. However, she is starting to get a little annoying at the end. :P

I actually liked this movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice better than the  TV series I mentioned in Top 10 Period Dramas. Photography is stunning and I always enjoy watching Keira Knightley in antique costumes. :)

Aren't they both beautiful? :) Northanger Abbey was very charming to watch (it passed so quickly!), but some details could be better explained for those who haven't read the book.

It was also interesting to see now famous Carey Mulligan portrayed as a silly character in both adaptations. :)

Do you recognize Jena Malone aka Gretchen Ross (used to be my internet nick) from Donnie Darko? :)

How do you feel about Jane Austen?
Have you read any books by her or seen any adaptations?
Which one is your favorite?
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