OMG, my first guest post!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm so freaking proud that my first guest post ever is featured on Simply Evani's blog! It's also my first attempt to photograph a delicious recipe. So head on over to visit my friend Evani to check out the interesting stuff she does (if you visit her in the next hours, you may still enter her cool mani giveaway). My post is about making a yummy, healthy, lactose-free wannabe ice cream. :)

This week I'm preparing another guest post for Emi from Small Good Things and I'm really excited about it cause she makes so gorgeous things (her beautiful Anthropologie Knockoff is still quite a hit on my blog) and I almost feel a little intimidated. :P She also became a very dear friend to me, so I'm really looking forward to this opportunity.

In other news, I passed the driving test I was so stressing about! :D I know it's not such a big deal for most of the people, but I actually thought about 5 months ago that I'm never gonna even try to do it. So hurray, no more waiting for a bus for two hours in the middle of nowhere! ^_^ 
BTW, does anyone have an idea, what I could give my driving instructor for a gift? I really want to show him a token of appreciation because he's been through a lot with me (even a panic attack in the middle of driving). I mean, he taught even ME to drive and he did his job very well. A bottle of whiskey is a traditional gift here, but I've heard that he's not really a fan of alcohol.

Hope you're all having a successful week or you're relaxing on a well-deserved vacation! :)

P. S. Have you entered my current giveaway?
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