July is a Small Business Month!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wonderful Annie from Hello Sunshine Blog is hosting an amazing event that will be dedicated to small and local businesses for a whole month! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to participate, but I would at least like to spread the word, because I deeply believe in supporting small and local businesses. You especially shouldn't miss the event if you're from Arizona (my favorite US state BTW!).

Hint: there will be at least one giveaway every day! ;) 

Do you support small and/or local businesses?  

I try to purchase Slovenian products whenever possible. Not because I would be a nationalist (I'm not) or because I wouldn't like what comes from other countries, but I think that we should appreciate quality products, made by hard working people in a nearby area. We all know by now that buying 'made in China' isn't truly going to support already exploited workers - it is only going to make the exploiters richer. Not to mention that these products are going to fall apart in no time. And the harmful effects of transportation on the environment aren't great, either.
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