A Giveaway a Day Keeps the Blues Away #4

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On weekends I pick one giveaway for every day in a week, as long as they are international friendly, handmade and/or useful to creative souls around the world. 

Turquoise Howlite Stone Body Chain, ends today!
$50 Spending Spree from Sarah's Silks, ends tomorrow.  
1 pink sapphire necklace, ends June 27th.

Good luck if you will enter any! 

BTW, how are you dealing with the heat these days? I usually don't mind the heat (I prefer it to being cold), but even I'm not immune to the weather that has been torturing Europe lately. I have to drink lots of water (or iced tea), otherwise I get nausea and vertigo. Fruit ice cream also helps. ;)

I'm keeping myself busy with studying for exams, preparing the move to a new house in beautiful Gorenjska and prepping guest posts

Oh, I'm also learning to drive! I really wanted to live without a car (I don't want to be too attached to material possessions and the environment is already too polluted), but I'm moving to a little village where public transport is quite impossible. Do you guys all have a driving license? In Slovenia almost everyone has it, so I'm receiving shocked reactions all the time. :D
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