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Saturday, May 26, 2012


You probably already know how much I admire The Owl Club blog. I also love Suki's little Etsy shop and I asked her for a custom made collage pin to represent my blog. I didn't see it before it arrived in the mail and I am very happy with the final result of her creativity. Check out Suki's post about my order - it's interesting to see it from her point of view!

I love vintage books, magazines and ephemera. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Suki made a collection of delightful badges that were recycled from a 1920s picture book. I picked singing flowers and a rabbit. The background of my HEARTing Handmade badge is also taken from the same children book. She even surprised me with a wonderful fabric badge. I'm sure I praised her fabric badges before, they are very pretty!

Receiving a parcel from Suki felt like Christmas in spring. She put mini envelopes in an already beautiful and elegant envelope. Badges were wrapped in a neon-yellow tissue paper and tied with a vintage lace. Suki and I share love for recycling materials, so she really made an impression on me with ingeniously recycling security envelopes and wrapping the gift so beautifully. I loved all those details!

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