Reading Challenges 2012: Haruki Murakami

Friday, May 4, 2012

Remember last year's A-Z Reading Challenge? Challenging myself to read more books is fun because:
1. I spend my free time doing something I enjoy
2. I don't feel guilty about it (like I would if I would play Facebook games instead)
3. I can discover new favorite authors
4. I get to know other peeps who share my taste in reading
5. it gives me confidence that my crappy English (or another language) is improving and
6. it's my favorite way of procrastination.

I'm enjoying reading so much at the moment that I'm going to try more challenges this year. The first I would like to mention is Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2012.

Murakami is one of my favorite authors, but there are still a lot of books I haven't read yet, so this year makes a perfect opportunity to read the rest of his work.

My goal is Sumire - Read 10+ books.

- Hear the Wind Sing
- Pinball, 1973
- Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World 
- Dance Dance Dance
- The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
- After Dark
- 1Q84
- After the Quake
- Kafka on the Shore (reread)
- Norwegian Wood (reread)

Finished! :)

Do you like Murakami too? Which is your favorite book, written by him? 
Are you participating in any reading challenges this year?
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