How-to Easter Eggs: My Grandma Style

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy holidays!

I was coloring eggs today, the way my grandma used to do it. I wanted to show you some photographs of the process, but I didn't have a real camera near so I will edit my mobile photos for the extra Easter-hipster effect.

While my brother was preparing dough for panettone ...

I gathered together:

- mini eggs from a local farm
- onions
- small flowers and other plants from around the house (but I later removed some because I wasn't sure about their possible harmful effects)
- a thread
- old nylon stockings


First we peeled onion outer layer in a large pot.

Then we picked plants for every egg and secured them with a piece of nylon and a thread.

Cooking took a little longer than usual before the eggs obtained a kind of auburn brown color. Here is the result:

Do you color eggs for Easter?
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