Hibernation Station: Sleeping Wood Burned Animals

Days 174-6: European hedgehog, raccoon and baby black bear

Days 174-6: European hedgehog, raccoon and baby black bear

I like to have a monthly theme for my 365 animals, because it makes the decision-process a bit easier. My November theme was hibernating animals and it was my first line of products (although not for sale) that became a hit on social media. I’ve received positive feedback before, but nothing like this. It gave me a huge boost of confidence and a kind of confirmation that I’m moving in the right direction. The animals are getting new homes this holiday season, which makes me a happy panda. ^_^

Days 177-81: Indian hedgehog, edible dormice, brown bear and eastern chipmunk

Days 177-81: Indian hedgehog, edible dormice, brown bear and eastern chipmunk

I created Polhek in polhica (male and female dormouse) sharing a chestnut for my boyfriend’s birthday. His parents have a beautiful vacation house in Bled, a wonderful location on the lakeside. It is an old house with space between the walls, which sometimes becomes an amusement park for edible dormice. We try to keep them out, but I cannot help myself not to squeak with delight whenever I see one. They are so adorable!


Bonus: this merry Christmas bunny is now observing Ljubljana from the window in the medical center where my father-in-law is resting after an operation. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. This is a sensitive subject for me because I already lost two close relatives from this illness of the modern era. But I know that not everything is lost yet, so I’m sending mega positive vibes to the universe! :)

HEARTing Handmade Moved to WordPress!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. :) Now that I’ve made the move, I’m asking myself why I haven’t done it sooner – as I could have known. ;) If you’re thinking about starting a blog and deciding between Blogger and WP – pick the latter. At least if you’re not intending to write only for yourself and your cat. I am a bit tech savvy, but I still faced a lot of complications along the road – like my domain email address being down for 4 days. >.< But the main stuff is working now and I’m tweaking the site as I go.


I hope that you like the change so far and that you will visit again. Your support via comments on the blog and on social media means me so much. Thank you!

Day 173: Marbled White on the Whiteboard

After drawing a butterfly in the chalkboard style, it seemed logical to draw next one on the whiteboard. This board became one of my favorite things to use. It is my calendar, my to-do list, a place to write love notes and draw silly doodles. Today it represents my 365 animals canvas. :)
I also love this retro wallpaper. It makes me feel like I’m visiting the mountains in the comfort of my home.

Day 170: The Dark Green Fritillary (Abstract)

I’m usually “painting” on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but I didn’t have access to it today. It was already too dark to take photos of real drawing (and I don’t yet own a special photo studio), so I decided to play online. I tried out Sketchpad 3.6 and this abstract butterfly is what I eventually came up with. I must admit that I wanted to give up a couple of times! :) The desire to give up (for one day, not the whole project) happens now and then. I’m often tempted to skip a day. I guess I still have enough of inner and outer motivation to keep on going. Actually, my motivation is getting stronger with every day as I’m receiving more feedback. But this doesn’t mean that resistance isn’t ever calling my name. Oh, we know each other very well. ;)

Day 167: Hazel Dormouse in a Teacup

Other than bats, hazel dormice are the only British mammals that truly hibernate over winter. In autumn they begin to prepare by fattening up on nuts and berries. When the temperature falls below 15°C, their metabolism shuts down and they find a secure, dry place to build a nest and sleep (source).
We have several “edible” dormice (what a horrible name!) residing in our weekend house. They are very cute, but unfortunately doing a lot of damage in the interior of the old house. We can hear them running between the walls, which sounds a bit creepy. The only way to get them out (that worked so far) is turning up the volume of loud dance music. :)